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School of Czech = Škola češtiny

Hello! My name is Karel Kratochvíl and I am happy to be your Czech language teacher. You want to study Czech online? Are you beginner looking for some help? Are you advanced looking for some practice? Or are you planning to pass the Czech language certificate exam? 


Škola češtiny = School of Czech offers online lessons, skype lessons and much more for everyone.

Czech language for foreigners

Skype lessons

Choose a time for a lesson whenever you want. There is an online schedule you can subscribe to anytime you need. And the duration of each lesson? It is again up to you. You prepay 300 or 600 minutes and you can spend them as you wish. Skype lessons are not only matter of speaking, I use plenty of interactive exercises and I send my students an effective homework so they can review the topic after each lesson. As my student you will improve both the listening, speaking and even written Czech as well.
  • Free sample lesson = 1 × 30 min
  • 300 min / 3 000 CZK = e. c. 10 × 30 min
  • 600 min / 4 800 CZK = e. c. 20 × 30 min

Phone conversation

You really want to speak Czech daily, but there is no opportunity? I will call you (on Czech numbers only) and we will talk a bit. Randomly sometime in a day or in your preferred time you will spend at least 10 minutes speaking Czech answering my questions and commenting your recent activities. This is the best way to keep in touch with Czech language especially for expats living in Czech republic but in english or other language speaking communities.

  • Free sample call = 1 × 10 min
  • 100 min / 1 000 CZK = 10 × 10 min
  • 300 min / 2 400 CZK = 30 × 10 min

Czech Language Certificate Exam - samples

Are you getting ready for Czech Language Certificate Exam and you wonder how exactly the exam looks like? You want to test your knowledge on sample set of exercises? Here you are.

  • A1 level = free
  • B1 level = 500 CZK